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Why Store Your Boat Year-Round?

Here in Florida, our winters are quite mild.  While trying to reduce expenses, many customers relocate their boat from the marina back to their homes.  While this move can seem like a money saver, it's often a better idea to keep your boat in storage year round.

•Once you move your boat into our marina, you'll see why we really are the best location, on the river, to store your boat.  Because of our location, getting out to the Gulf of Mexico is very quick and easy.  Because of the popularity of our location, we find that we are on a waiting list, very early in the year.  To ensure your boat can be kept with us, be sure to keep your boat here year round.

•Your marina likely has better security than you have at home.  The marina is attended all day long, and at night it's secured with a sturdy fence and 24hr surveillance.  Furthermore, removing your boat from a marina requires considerable effort and use of specialized equipment…unlike merely hooking up your trailer and pulling it away.

•Florida is known for its moderate winters.  Even during the coldest months, we may enjoy a day of beautiful weather.  If your boat is already at the marina, it's easy to have your boat ready and waiting when you arrive, so that you can take advantage of those warmer winter days.

To find out more about wet and dry slips at Anclote Village Marina, please  us at 727-937-9737. We offer competitive rates and a convenient location right at the mouth of the Anclote River, with easy access to the Gulf of Mexico.

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