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What to Catch

The excellent fishing is one of the most popular reasons for visiting the Gulf coast of Florida. Warm waters and diverse marine life make for a fisherman's dream! If you head out into the Gulf with fishing tackle, you may find grouper, snapper, cobia, tarpon, or catfish at the other end of your line.

Looking for something a little larger? Go on a hunt for blue marlin, sailfish, or the longbill spearfish. These huge fish provide even the most experienced fishermen with a challenge. Several species of sharks also prowl the Florida Gulf coast, including hammerhead, mako, and bonnethead sharks.

Other marine life you'll want to admire but not catch: graceful rays, cruising sea turtles, and frolicking dolphins. Flying fish also make occasional appearances over deep water.

Regulations and seasons may vary each year, so you'll want to check Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission before heading out to fish on your own. If you're interested in fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, contact one of our experienced captains and learn about chartered fishing outings.

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