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Anclote Key


With a name derived from the Spanish word for "anchor," Anclote Key is one of four islands located in the Anclote Key Preserve State Park. (The others are North Anclote Bar, South Anclote Bar, and Three Rooker Island.) Home to a bird sanctuary and the Anclote Key lighthouse, the park spans over 400 acres.

Fishing enthusiasts find that the area around Anclote Key provides plenty of great spots to drop anchor, while bird watchers will enjoy spotting around 40 local species. Anclote Key is the ideal spot for a picnic, stroll, or games on the beach. Visitors enjoy searching for unique seashells along the waterline.

The island is rustic with no provisions, so be sure to bring your own supplies: not only food and water, but also trash bags and hand sanitizer. Visit Florida State Parks online for more information about Anclote Key Preserve State Park.

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